PSJ-POLYSTYRENE features world-leading quality and reliability.

Polystyrene is widely used in everyday goods because of its many outstanding characteristics such as high transparency, well-balanced impact strength and flexural strength, easy moldability, size stability, easy recyclability, and low environmental impact. Polystyrene is also easily colored and given other performance features such as heat resistance and flame retardancy.

PS Japan offers PSJ-POLYSTYRENE featuring world-leading quality and reliability, manufactured with Japan’s largest-scale polystyrene production infrastructure, and utilizing the extensive experience and knowledge accumulated ever since the beginning of Japan’s polystyrene industry. We also develop new products and new value to meet customers’ needs by utilizing our product development ability, which is among the world’s most advanced.

Product Development Policy

  • ・We provide new products based on our high technology and development ability.
  • ・We provide solutions to costumers’ needs by leveraging our rich experience, know-how, and high-level analytical technology.
  • ・We provide resin samples produced using our high-performance pilot plant to satisfy costumers’ needs.
  • ・We collaborate with our customers to develop new products and solutions that meet the needs of end-users.